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Funny whatsApp Status

Having fun is good but using funny stuff like status is the funniest thing, people who enjoy their life share funny status and funny videos with their friends and family, So Today We're going to share Funny status and quotes for you. You will get here the best and the most popular Funny status and quotes. Swaggie Status has a huge collection of Funny status for WhatsApp and Facebook, There are millions of peoples from all around the world who is searching for Funny status on the internet daily because it is hard for them to create their own status in Funny status, so choose your favorite quote and status and send them with our huge collection of Funny status and quotes. Swaggie Status bundled the best Funny status in one place for you. so you can copy your favorite status and use it in your WhatsApp status and post it on your facebook wall and send them to your friends as WhatsApp message and use it as a picture caption. WhatsApp and Facebook are being used by millions of people from all around the world and I think you are using these two apps as well if you are not using these two apps so probably you are from some other planet of the universe. Funny Status for you and Status on fun collection for WhatsApp is given below.

Funny whatsApp Status

Funny WhatsApp Status

You will get here the best Funny status for WhatsApp and Facebook, We hope you'll like our collection of status.

Save Water, Drink Beer.

Rules are made to be break.

I wake up when I can't hold my PEE in any longer.

Sharab aur mera kai bar breakup ho chuka hai, Par kambakht har bar mujhe mana leti hai.

People say everything happens for a Reason. So when I punch you in the Face, Remember I have a reason.

People said to follow your Dreams so i went back to BED.

Only brain is works more if you use it more.

Garmi ki toh hadd hi ho gai ab toh macchar bhi kaan k paas aa kar puchta hai.
"Bhai khoon thanda toh hai naa?"

My study period = 15 minutes. My break time = 3 hours.

Marriage means silent suicide.

I will marry the girl, who look pretty in her Adhaar card.

Fact: Phone on silent mode- 10 Missed call, Turns volume to loud- Nobody calls all day.

When I'm on my death bed, I want my final words to be "I left one million dollars in the"

Dunia ki saari khushiya ek taraf, Aur phone ki 100% battery ki khushi ek taraf.

Follow your heart but take your brain with you.

If College has taught us anything, it's texting without looking.

Don't kiss behind the garden, Love is blind but the neighbors are not.

C.L.A.S.S- come late and start sleeping.

KABHI koi ladki tumhe bhai keh ke bol de toh bura MATT manna, Bas ek thappad lagana OR bolna idhar KYA kar rahi ho.

Sorry about those texts I sent you last night, my phone was drunk.

GOOGLE must be a woman because it knows everything.

Today's Relationships: You can touch each other but not each other's phones.

I always learn from mistake of others who take my Advice.

Excuse me, Plesae empty your pockets, I think you stole my heart.

Pyar ho toh Bluetooth ke jaise paas rahe toh Connected, Durr gaye toh "SEARCHING FOR NEW DEVICE".

Girls are funny creatures. They hate it when you ask their Age but will kill you if you forget their birthday.

Definition of human being: a creature that cuts trees, makes paper and write "SAVE TREES" on the same paper.

Cell phones these days keep getting thinner and smarter, People the opposite.

Beti bachao, Beti padhao, aur inko dhang ki DRIVING bhi sikhao baat baat bacha hu abhi.

Phones are better than girlfriends, At least we can switch off.

I always dream of being a millionaire like my Uncle He's dreaming too.

HEY YOU, yeah I'm talking to you, why the hell are you reading my status.

Our generation doesn't ring the doorbell we text or call to say we're outside.

I Can't Taste My Lips. Could You Do It For Me.

Hum Sarif bachche hai Janaab, Jab tak maa jagne ke liye na bole majaal hai jo apni Ankh bhi khol de.

Ladkiyan kehti hai ki sabhi ladke Pagal hote hai, Phir kehti hai "Hum ladko se kam hai kya".

iPhone 7 lagataar 7th aisa phone hai jo mere pass nahi hai.

Bachpan mein hume jitna bukhar aata tha, Aaj kal usse zyada bachchon ke NUMBERS aate hai [ 95.9 98.8 ].

Gaali dene se itna ladai nahi hoti jitna LAST SEEN dekh kar hoti hai.

Hey there whatsapp is using me.

I am not lazy, I am on energy saving mode.

God is really creative, I mean, just look at me every time.

When your phone are 1% battery and anyone who sends a message, Or calling, Becomes the enemy.

Hmmm… Don't copy my status.

80% of boys have girlfriends, Rest 20% boys are having brain.

If nobody hates you, then you are doing something boring.

Never laugh at your wife's choices, you are one of them.

Totally available!! Please disturb me.


My style is unique don't copy it please.

If money grew on trees, then girls would be dating monkeys.

I'm not failed, Because my success is lost.

I may be fat, but you're ugly – I can lose weight.

Rashte palat dete hai hum, Jab koi aa kar yeh keh de k aage chalan kaat rahe hai.

Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up.

When I was Born DEVIL said ohh shitt, competition.

Bahut kam log jante hai k "set max" mein jo set hai na uska full form "Suryavansham Entertainment Telivision" hai.

Status: I'm Not on WhatsApp.

Zindagi mein sabse zyada khushi toh tab milti hai jab Mummy kehti hai dimag toh bahut hai iska bas padhta hi nahi hai.

Life is too short smile while you still have teeth.

If I agreed with you we both were wrong.

Bachpan "Handwriting" sudharne mein guzar gaya Aur zindagi "keyboard" par beet rahi hai.

Behind every successful man, there is a surprised woman.

Teri smile confuse Kar deti hai, Saala pura din samajh nahi aata ki "Hass kar dekh rahi thi" Ya "dekh kar hass rahi thi.

Your status won't ever match my status neither in whatsapp nor in reality.

I love my job only when I am on Holiday.

Dunia Ki saari khushiya ek taraf, aur phone ki 100% battery ki khushi ek taraf.

Life is too Short – Chat Fast.

Girls use photoshop to look beautiful, and Boys use photoshop to show their creativity.

Bhalaa ho iss garmi Ka issi bahane ghar ki bahu – betiya sar par palla odh kar toh chal rahi hai.

You can never buy Love, But still you have to pay for it.

Attitude is like a underwear Don't show it just wore it.

Always respects your self.

My heart is stolen, can I check your bra.

Save Water, Drink Wine.

Cigarette chodna sabse asan hai main hazaro baar chhod chuka hu.

I'm cool but global warming made me very hot.

Marriage is the cause of divorce.

Wife: I have changed my mind. Husband: Does the new one now work?

I just need a good Wifi and Wife.

I want someone to give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

I only need three things in life: Food, Wifi and Sleep.

All the Rules are made to be break.

Subha se daud rahi hai chaku lekar pagli mere piche, Maine toh mazak mein kaha tha "Dil chir k dekh, Tera hi naam hoga".

Ooooooo… Don't copy my status.

Jitna dimag ladkiyo mein hota hai, Utna toh Mera kharab rehta hai.

Drunk people run on Red Light, Normal people wait for them to turn green.

Kaash suraj Ki bhi biwi hoti toh use thoda toh control mein rakhti.

People that Change Love status after 30 Sec. GirlFriend is the Reason.

A fine is a tax for doing wrong and A tax is a fine for doing well.

No I didn't trip The floor looked like it needed a hug.

Man ask a trainer in the gym: "I want 2 impress that girl, which machine can I use?" Trainer replies: "Use the ATM".

I live in a world of fantasy, so keep your reality away from me.

When I actually die some people are going to get really haunted.

Brain is Intelligent Why not have Everyone.

I wake up when I cant hold my pee in any longer.

Mosquitoes are like family. Annoying but they carry your blood.

Alcohol will give different, type of power.

If school has taught us anything, it's texting without looking.

I hate people who steal my ideas, before I think of them.

All my life I thought air is free until I bought a bag of chips.

Try to say the letter M without your lips touching.

Excuse me, Please empty your pockets I think you stole my heart.

3 Mistake done by everyone Whatsapp, Facebook and Girlfriend.

I don't drink alcohol, but Feel Awesome.

do not drink and park accidents cause people.

Etc Meaning – End of Thinking Capacity.

Scratch here ###::::## to reveal this status.

High Power Come, with High voltage Current.

If you are still hate me! Then No Problem.

Brain is the best worker, When you can use it.

When nothing seems right then go left.

If I'm wired with you then I like you.

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